Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Annette Smith For Vermont Governor
Local Control: 15 Years Of Walking The Walk in Vermont
Independent Statewide WRITE-IN Candidate In Upcoming Debates

Since 1999, Annette Smith has pursued public service in Vermont with passion and commitment. As the founder and executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Annette has developed a community-centric understanding of the economic and environmental challenges near and dear to all of us in Vermont. Annette has worked with local communities across the state to assert civil liberties and local control regarding natural gas pipelines, utilities, smart meters, industrial wind, mining, agriculture, groundwater, and drinking water.

The independent candidate for Vermont governor has a diverse set of experiences that inform her perspective. She’s worked as a seamstress, technical typist, harpsichord maker, small business owner, and currently is a practicing farmer who raises pigs, chickens, and Jersey cows at her off-the-grid sustainable farm in Danby, Vermont.  “Much of my work now and when I was making products involves complex problem solving,” she explains. “I do some of my best thinking while milking the cow.”

Annette’s success as a mediator has given her the capacity to see hotly debated issues from many sides, and to facilitate solutions-oriented outcomes that protect and enhance Vermonters’ ability to maintain local control over our own collective destiny. She is a gifted listener, an articulate public speaker, and a thoughtful advocate for ordinary Vermonters interested in preserving local control of their communities moving into the 21st century. “My approach to leadership is more about enabling relationships that encourage finding solutions than dictating what people should do,” she observes. “Vermonters want more input into decisions being made that are directly impacting their lives.” 

Annette will post detailed position-statements on important issues to the media and at her website on Monday October 8.

Annette is scheduled to participate in two up-coming gubernatorial debates:

1. October 9, 5:25pm: Burlington’s Channel 17 studio, LIve call-in show. 
Air-dates Oct 9 at 5:25pm, Oct 25 at 8pm, Oct 26 at 1am, 7am and 1pm. 

2. October 11, 7pm: Bennington CAT-TV debate hosted by Bennington Tonite at the Bennington Firehouse and aired on CAT-TV at 7pm.  Randy Brock, Annette Smith, and an empty chair for Gov. Shumlin.

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