Wednesday, September 5, 2012


the summary sheet for the Progressive ballot in Walden

So the three of us, Stephanie, Carole, and I were at it for a few hours in the Sec of State's plush but airless conference room for several hours going through the sheets (about 12 for each town) that summarized the voting results.  We found a lot (187) votes for Annette written in on the Dem and Rep ballots so of the four leading candidates for governor, Annette was the third most popular choice.  It also looks like there will certainly be a recount now that the Sec of State has admitted there was a booboo where Walden was concerned.  This result makes it likely that she will be invited to participate in the General Election debates, be they ever so few.

We are also hoping to get the language on the standard primary ballot changed sl it conforms with the law.  The ballot should be clear that a write-in counts even if the little oval to the left of the write in blank was not filled in.

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