Sunday, September 2, 2012

Is Shumlin chicken?

Digger reports that Shumlin is just too busy to attend more than 5 debates this time around vs the 13 he went to just two years back.  Digger asked his man MacLean about facing up to AARP or to Annette Smith:
MacLean says potential guff from AARP members was “absolutely not” a factor in the governor’s decision. Nor is the specter of debating with Annette Smith, an opponent of industrial wind who is a write-in candidate in the Progressive Party primary and may win enough votes to run in the General Election (final results will be available Tuesday).
The man says the gov is out there creating jobs just about 24/7.  I often wonder what exactly it is that presidents and governors do to create jobs.  Seems like that what business folks get the big bucks to do.

Anyway, It is amazing how much these guys dislike facing the public. Year after year someone introduces legislation to give the governor a four year term of office, though I don't know Shumlin's own position on this.   The standard complaint is that campaigning at such short intervals costs a lot and takes them away from all that job creating or whatever it is they would rather be doing.  To the rest of us it represents a chance to make them explain how they are representing our interests.  They could cut costs a lot by using the tv time offered gratis for debates.  

If he ever can take time off from creating those jobs some day, I hope someone will ask Shumlin about the numerous jobs that will be destroyed (gently though, by attrition) at CVPS--that is, apart from those in the executive suite  where the parachutes were no doubt golden.    

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