Thursday, August 30, 2012

another discrepancy

Two friends of mine from Middlesex wrote to tell me that they had both voted Annette Smith for gov on the Prog ballot.  I just got off the phone with the Middlesex town clerk who told me that there were 10 Prog ballots turned in and all were BLANK on the governor's line.  I specifically asked if there were no write ins and she said, No, no write-ins.

What gives?  Much the same think in Sutton, Westmore, Waltham.  Is it the case that some towns just are even counting write-ins?

UPDATE  It seems that Middlesex recorded 5 votes for Annette Smith for LT GOV.

UPDATE 2:  Sutton has changed its total from 4 to 7 votes for Annette.

It's clearly time to think about a recount and for the Sec of State to get to the bottom of all these discrepancies.

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