Saturday, August 18, 2012

The true face of the Public Service Board

This photo shows part of what Georgia Mountain "Community" Wind has done to its neighbors, the FitzGeralds.  This is what the Public Service Board really looks like.  The real business of the PSB is corporate destruction and business is good!

In this case, the developer has destroyed phone lines, cut internet service, shaken a home with high explosive blasts, thrown rock capable of killing someone onto their property, and obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against the neighbors to keep them off of LAND THEY OWN so that the blasting can continue.  The neighbors have zero resources to resist.

The PSB is normally deaf to the rights and needs of citizens whose lives are damaged or ruined by ridgeline wind projects.  And they have the active support of Governor "1%" Shumlin saying things like:  "I see no difference between large- and small-scale hydro, large- and small-scale wind, large- and small-scale coal."

He and his PSB obviously see what they want to see.  And they want to see is that their corporate cronies get rich.

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