Tuesday, August 14, 2012

rumor mill

A little bird warbled in my ear on the subject of a male public relations employee of Green Mountain Power who paid a visit to Peter Schumann, soul of Bread and Puppet.  My bird's eyesight isn't what it used to be but sounds like it might have been Robert Dostis,  formerly of the Vermont legislature, now flacking for GMP.  It sounds like he was actually trying to sweet-talk Peter Schumann into harnassing his powerful imagination to extol the wonders of wind power, GMP and their contribution to the universe.

Are things slow over at GMP or what?  You'd think they would give Dostis the summer off after his being on overdrive all winter keeping the cattle together in the legislature on the CVPS takeover.  You have to admire him for taking on the likes of Peter Schumann.  And what a compliment to the effectiveness of the brilliant, spirited satirical work of Bread and Puppet.

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  1. Smith exemplifies that dynamic force which exists in a veritable democracy. An admirable lady, will have my write-in vote for Gov.


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