Friday, August 24, 2012

just in from the Stop F-35ers

Here's a message from George Cross and our comrades at Stop F-35:

 I have attached the flyer.  It is posted on the www.stopthef-35 website.  It is being sent out by a variety of groups within the Stop the F-35 Coalition, plus individuals.  The text may change a bit from group to group, but the write-in recommendations will be the same.  

Here's our thinking.  We are trying to accomplish two goals.  1. We need to have at least one write-in candidate get enough votes to be included in the debates.  Thus ensuring that the F-35 will be a topic of the debates.  This is the same for the "turbines on the mountain-tops" question.  We think that Annette as a Progressive candidate for Governor or our write-in candidates on the Progressive ballot for U.S. Senator or U.S. Representative have the best chance of meeting this goal.  2.  We simply want to cause a disturbance in the process for the Democrats and the Republicans.  Some people will not want to take a Progressive ballot, because they have a keen interest in a local race.  If they write-in on the D or R ballot for the two national races and the governor's race, it will send a message to Sanders, Welch and Shumlin.  

I hope your group agrees with us.  We have not cleared our use of Annette's name as a write-in with her.  Given her public comments about a write-in campaign, we did not think that was necessary. The primary is upon us so this all has to happen fast.

Please feel free to add to our list for your purposes.  We would ask, however, that people stay with the recommendation on our list for U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative, as well as your's for Governor so that we can maximize the possibility of achieving our goals.  

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