Saturday, August 11, 2012


This blog is dedicated to drafting Annette Smith as a write-in candidate in the Progressive Party primary for Governor of Vermont.  The goal of this effort is to direct public attention to the dismal record of the Shumlin Administration in promoting several policies, including:

1.  The devastation of Vermont's mountain ridges by industrial wind developers

2.  The merger of CVPS and GMP into a single monopolistic utility controlled by a murky series of Canadian shell companies.  An additional unfairness is that former CVPS customers are being cheated out of $21 million to repay a bailout more than a decade ago.

3.  The basing of the F-35 aircraft in Burlington.

We ask that voters write in Annette's name on the Progressive primary ballot for governor.  There is a chance there for victory and with it the opportunity of raising these issues in the general election.  Otherwise these issues are likely to be totally ignored.

There is only one Progressive in the governor's primary race, Martha Abbott, and it seems that she actually supports Shumlin on most of his positions.

Annette Smith heads Vermonters for a Clean Environment, VCE, which fights for neighborhood groups being threatened by a variety of destructive developments or health impacts.  She is dedicated, independent, very well informed, and an excellent debater.

Peter Shumlin is in bed with the 1% especially Vermont's large corporations and most especially Green Mountain Power and its new corporate overlord, Gaz M├ętro of Canada.  He ardently supports big wind, ignorantly believing it will make a dent in global warming.  He supports the militarization of Burlington that has come with the F-35 basing plans.  And his Public Service Department along with the lapdog Public Service Board made the landmark disastrous takeover of most of Vermont's electrical distribution happen.

Shumlin invited the voters to "throw the rascals out" if they disagree with his misguided policies.  Take him up on it:  write in Annette Smith for Governor on the Progressive primary ballot. 


  1. Governor Shumlin is right on this one: let's vote the rascal out!

    If Annette can be voted in on the Progressive party ticket, will we be able to have discussions about F-35s, Smart Meters, and ridgeline wind that won't be swept under the rug again?

  2. Right now, wind opponents are "baby Davie" but they are growing into David. Corporate Goliath, you better watch out because David is looking for the right stone! Annette Smith just might be it!


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