Wednesday, August 29, 2012

stay tuned

At 3am Wed Aug 29, the Sec of State web page has the following total:

Annette / "Write in"  207
Martha Abbott          282

Precincts reporting:  184 out of 275

This result is preliminary to say the least.

For one thing, something must have gone wrong since votes in some reporting precincts seem not to have been recorded.  That is, we know that there were some votes for Annette in precincts that report zero write-ins.  What gives?  Are these places unable for some reason to report write-ins?  We will be contacting the Sec of State's office later this morning.  

Also, certain towns such as Hardwick where we would expect a relatively strong vote for Annette have not reported as of this writing.

It is interesting how many write-ins there were on the Dem ballot:   849 so far or 3% of the total Dem vote.  By contrast, write-ins on the GOP gov ballot amounted to only 1.6% of the vote.  It would not be surprising if a lot of those Dem write-ins were for Annette since we heard that some people were conflicted about turning in the Progressive ballot since they wanted to vote in the hot Dem AG race even though they preferred Annette to Shumlin.

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