Wednesday, August 29, 2012

hanging in the balance

At 1:25 pm the score is

Martha Abbott  299 (acc. to Sec of State) plus in particular 2 precincts in Burlington not yet reported

Annette Smith  259 (acc. to Sec of State) plus in particuar Craftsbury where Annette got 33 real but untallied votes for a total of 292.  Plus there are a number of undercounts, towns such as Walden where we know Annette got 8 votes even though they reported only 1.  

69 precincts have not yet reported.


  1. You mean Craftsbury, not Cabot.

  2. I just downloaded the (preliminary) precinct results for Prog.Gov., with 66 of 275 precincts not yet reported. 128 precincts have 0 results, and 189 have 0 write-in results. It could be that many precincts did not electronically submit results in "uncontested" races or/nor write-in results. I guess we have to wait til next week for more reliable results.

    Included among the 0 results are Kirby, Newark, Sheffield, and a lot of Essex and Rutland counties.


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