Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Everything you read on the Sec of State website is preliminary.  Nothing is final.

That said, it still appears that all write-in votes have not been turned in to the Sec of State for posting on the web.  For example, in Barre, Walden, and Jericho it seems that write-in votes for Annette have not been included in the results.  (State totals reported  as of 9am are:  288 Abbott vs 214 'write in".)

AP is reporting that almost all precincts have been counted but the Sec of State's page has results from only 184 of the 275 precincts.  That is because AP has a deal with the town clerks to send them results on contested races directly while the Sec of State's records depend on whether a town clerk is disposed to send in results electronically via very temperamental software.

In general, the Sec of State says, the results will not be final until they have been received by the Sec of State (deadline Friday), tallied by the Sec of State (Monday) and then certified (Tuesday).  The results posted on the Sec of State web page, Sec Condos stressed, are preliminary.  It is a voluntary system so it is up to each town clerk whether or not to send in results.

Still you are encouraged to consult the Sec of State's page, use the index to view the reported results in your town, and contact you Town Clerk if you suspect that all the write in votes haven't been tallied.  If you suspect there is a problem, please also contact us here.

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