Sunday, August 19, 2012

One thing for sure, Martha Abbott isn't sure

Peter Hirschfeld at the Vermont Press Bureau has a little more from Martha Abbott in his story of Sunday, August 19.  Abbott assures us that she actually does want to win and is "putting the word" out for people to vote in the Progressive primary.  She apparently said she was running to keep a "rogue candidate" from "hijacking" the primary.  But she makes one thing definite:  it is NOT definite that she will actually accept the nomination if she wins the primary.  If she does win but immediately withdraws, Shumlin's most unpopular policies could well escape attention during the general election campaign debates.     

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  1. Also from that story: "In the 2010 primary, only 533 people voted in the Progressive primary. In 2008, it was 470." We can do this!


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